What is Information Card Ruby?

Information Card Ruby aims to provide a Rails plugin, supporting gem and developer guideline for integrating personal information card authentication into your Ruby on Rails web application. The gem does the heavy lifting of processing and authenticating information cards while the plugin supplements your rails application to quickly start accepting information cards. Like any good Rails plugin & gem, it's easy to use and the guideline is short and sweet.

What is a relying party?

An application that requests and consumes information cards from an individual is called a relying party. Sound confusing? No worries, we have integrated our gem and plugin with the popular Beast forum to give you a demo of our relying party in action. Try it, show us your information card!

Join in on the fun!

You've seen the demo and now you want in on the party.

  1. Download the Rails plugin and gem.
  2. Read the documentation.
  3. Integrate Information Card Ruby with your application.
  4. Party on.